Time-line exhibition 7th-11th March

Time-lines are usually constructed with the purpose of organising a historical theme, but what would happen if the subject of a time-line was left open to any kind of contribution on any subject – personal, social, political? Moreover, what would happen if the time-line was constituted by images and not words?

With these questions in mind, the artists/tutors (Ben White and Simon Faulkner) of the Time-line exhibition next week invite all students and staff in the Faculty of Art and Design to add images (colour or black and white) of A4 size or less to the time-line which runs throughout the walls of the Link Gallery space. The intention of this interactive exhibition is to see how images that reflect idiosyncratic and particular perspectives might combine to establish an inclusive, complex, contradictory, and fragmented historical whole.

The time-line covers the period between 1980 and an ‘unspecified time in the future’ (make of this what you will).

I’m really interested to see what comes of this exhibition and encourage everyone to participate.


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