Blue Link Exhibition

Blue Link – curated by Elisa Artesero

My inspiration for the Blue Link was a desire to cover the gallery space with work of one dominant colour theme to make a visually impacting exhibition. The work is a range of submissions from across the faculty and although together in a colour theme, the individual style of each artist creates a varied and interesting collection.

The foyer space contains work which is primarily of a ‘real’ or physical nature progressing to more abstract pieces within the Link itself. Each artwork has been positioned in a particular order to pick out similarities in theme, colour, size or pattern.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Exhibitors in order on slideshow: Jayy Swift, Sabine Glawe, Andrea de la Rubia Gomez-Moran, Darren Murphy, James Ackerley, John Brindley, Sarah Percy, Elisa Artesero, Tom Bevan, Jess Ramsden, Rebecca Wild, Alexandra Grace Cussons, Roger Bygott, Frances Rocca, Amy Lawrence, John Brindley

The Blue Link Exhibition is the final exhibition of the term, I’m really pleased with the outcome and would like to thank all the exhibitors for their artwork which has made this exhibition so good.


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