This week at the Link

This week the Link holds an exhibition by Lauren Taylor and Adrianne Brookes called ‘Stick it to the Fridge’. At one end of the gallery there is work from their primary school days, progressing to high school, then to current university work. The purpose is to see progression in theme, talent, skill and to see how they and their parents have edited their collection throughout the years as early curators of their work, keeping what they thought was best.

The Foyer space has been given over to some sculptural work, on one side is a piece by Sonny J. Barker, ‘Monument 2011’, a constellation in memory of his departed brother.

The other side of the Foyer sits Camel Art, a series of clay sculptures which the artists (James Hasker, Thomas Ferguson, James Ackerley and Hannah Davies) wish the audience to vote on the most successful pieces.

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