HIVE – 2nd Year Graphic Design Show


The students were working to three specific briefs:


To orchestrate a photographic shoot, through all its stages from creative interpretation, art direction, location sourcing, wardrobe, models, to final outputs. The photography is to be used for an editorial that will be a commentary of ‘ Observations of the Fashion Industry’.
Topics covered include: ‘Movember’, Androgeny, Fetishes, Fashion as Art, Fashion v economy and other topical issues. Compelling photographic imagery and originality are key.

Work critiqued by the Creative Team from Topman, London.


To look at the use of type and image and the power of the visual message as it is interpreted.

How a narrative is art directed can give new meaning to the communication and not just capture the attention of the audience but make them linger. Good graphic design, that uses typography and art direction well, prolongs the encounter and compels the reader not only to notice but to remember.


There is a tendancy to respond to music in a very subjective manner. Taste is influenced not only by what music sounds like but also by any number of broader personal or cultural factors. This is an opportunity to explore a more contemporary point of view within the processes of making a map and turn opinions about music into opinions about visual thinking.


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Gallery Co-ordinators: Elisa Artesero and Roger Bygott


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