This is the Link Gallery blog for 2010-2012 and covers activities in the gallery for that period. The gallery was curated by Elisa Artesero from 2010 and the Elisa and Roger Bygott in 2011/12.

The Link Gallery is based at Manchester Metropolitan University and is free and open to the public during university opening hours. The gallery is run and curated by students on the BA (Hons) Interactive Arts course; and has a technician, Paul Tutty, who also looks after the space and can offer useful advice on set up of artwork. A variety of contemporary artwork ranging from traditional painting, print and sculpture, to film, video and animation is exhibited throughout the year. Exhibitions usually last for around a week with work set up on a Friday and taken down the following Friday morning.


Exhibiting at The Link Gallery is free of charge and applications are welcome throughout the year. 

Gallery Space

The Link Gallery is made up of the Chatham Walkway, a series of three hexagonal rooms linking the Chatham and Grosvenor Buildings at the first floor, and the Interactive Arts Foyer, a large space on the first floor of the Chatham Building that leads into the Chatham Walkway.


The Link Gallery is situated in the Chatham Walkway, Chatham Building, Manchester Metropolitan University, All Saints Campus, central Manchester.
It can be reached via the Holden Gallery, Grosvenor Building, Cavendish Street, off Oxford Road.

Alternatively, disabled access can be obtained through the Chatham Building at the entrance on the corner of Ormond Street/Boundary Street West. Take the lift to the first floor, which brings you out into the Interactive Arts Foyer and Link Gallery.

Terms and Conditions

There are some brief terms and conditions that must be read, understood and agreed to before an exhibition can go ahead. Please don’t be intimidated by these, they are here to ensure health and safety is adhered to and that exhibitions go ahead on schedule and are set up to the best standard possible. It’s all common sense really!

The Link Gallery is a curated space and the curatorial team have full authority over the scheduling of exhibitions and the display of work. Their decisions must be respected; however, they will work with the artists to ensure a successful exhibition.

The gallery should be booked at least three weeks in advance so please keep this in mind when submitting your proposal.

Exhibitors must arrive punctually on installation days to allow adequate time for set up (which always takes longer than expected), and must bring all materials necessary for installation. Exhibitors will also be responsible for the removal of all works and equipment and the restoration of all work surfaces to their original state after the exhibition. This may include repairing and repainting the walls if needed.

Preview evenings are at the discretion of the curator. Exhibitors are responsible for staffing the bar and cleaning up, but it’s worth it as these events are usually very enjoyable.

The main Health and Safety guidelines state that no hazardous materials may be used, no sharp edges or objects that may cause accidents (common sense), nothing must block the walkways or make it difficult to escape in case of fire (including lack of lighting) and any cables or wires must be taped down neatly to the edges of the rooms so that there is nothing people can trip over. Any electrical equipment must be secured in sturdy plinths and is left at own risk.

And finally: we aim to run the space in a professional manner and expect exhibitors to be punctual and professional also. The quality of exhibitions and the smooth running of the space reflects well on the University and the Interactive Arts course from which the gallery was born. We are enthusiastic about working with artists to showcase interesting work and look forward to the academic year ahead.

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