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S-Space continues
October 12, 2011

This week has seen many social experiments and information gathering in the space as the Link has been turned into S-Space. The work continues until Friday, keep up to date with the progress on the blog site and don’t forget to interact with the work and experiments!

S Space 10th-15th October
October 7, 2011

A series of social experiments as The Link Gallery transforms into a creative lab. Opening event Monday 10th October at 3.30pm.

A new year at the Link Gallery
October 7, 2011

It’s been a long summer indeed, but now the Link Gallery is back for another year of exhibitions! The layout of the foyer space has changed now that the stairs have been removed, so we now have even more wall space to play with.

I (Elisa Artesero) will continue to be the curator of the gallery; however I am looking for a small team of volunteers from the Interactive Arts course (particularly our new first years) with an interest in curating who would like to help with the running of the gallery this year. I will post more information a little later, but if any students from the course would like to get in touch with an expression of interest please email

The gallery is also now open for submissions to artists from any degree. Along with the more traditional mediums of work, I am keen to open up the space for more unusual proposals; be it for film, events, theatre, fashion or music to ensure another eclectic year of exhibitions. Do not worry if this is your first exhibition, I will work with you, all I ask is for a certain level of ambition for the use of the space.

So, please email me at for a proposal form.

Manchester School of Art Degree Show
June 12, 2011

It’s getting close to that time of year again; when the final year art students are feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement as they finish installing their artwork for the Manchester School of Art Degree show. This year the Link Gallery is hosting work from the Fine Art Print degree, however don’t just stop by the Link, the whole school is full to the brim of exhibitions from so many different degree courses! Make sure to check out the Holden Gallery with work from the Interactive Arts degree, it’s sure to be a varied exhibition from some very talented artists.

The preview is Friday 17th June, with the public view from Saturday 18th June through to Wednesday 22nd June, so if you’re in Manchester or visiting during that time, make sure to pop by.

Interactive Arts 1st Year Show
May 8, 2011

The start of this term sees the culmination of the year for first year Interactive Arts students in the form of a final exhibition. The exhibition goes throughout the Link Gallery and into the Interactive Arts studio. The standard is extremely high, and as always with this course, the work on show is certainly eclectic in theme and media.

There will be a closing event on Thursday 12th May from 4.30pm  -6.30pm.

Here is a small selection of what there is to see:

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Agents of Deterioration – Emily Outhwaite
March 28, 2011

Agents of Deterioration is this week’s Link Gallery exhibition by Interactive Arts student Emily Outhwaite.

Emily’s artist statement for the exhibition:

‘As an artist I am interested in the objects that surround us in everyday life, in particular those objects that have signs of personal use and adornment; signs of deterioration. Through my working practice I explore the relationships that these objects have with us as human beings, questioning their value as and within material culture.

Concerned with mapping and replicating the deterioration on selected objects as a means of investigating the patterns of human behaviour. Themes of the ephemeral and a sense of nostalgia run through my work as I explore traces left on objects by people who have since moved on, left or passed away.

Through the replication of deterioration onto other similar found objects I ask the question of what makes something valuable? Does society dictate this value or the individual? An object’s value is dependent on its ‘true nature’ which is determined by its relationship with people. People have personal attachments to objects, objects are ‘dialectal images’ by which we can mediate the course of time through. An object’s value is also dictated by its context within a particular cultural environment, as this changes so does the object’s value.

Therefore an object’s personal value and its cultural value can often be conflicting.

Within my working practice I seek to understand this dialogue between object, person and society.’

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Call for submissions: Blue Link
March 20, 2011

This is a call out for submissions with a blue theme for an exhibition at the Link from 4th – 8th April. The work can be of any medium but must have a dominant blue colour to it. Please send photos of the completed work you wish to install, together with dimensions and any special install requirements you may need by the submission deadline of 26th March to

The exhibition will be curated by me (Elisa Artesero) but you will be required to install your own work, so must be available to do this at midday on Friday 1st April.  I look forward to receiving your submissions for what I hope to be a brilliant end to this term at the Link Gallery.

Print Exhibition 14th – 18th March
March 14, 2011

This week is an exhibition of work from 3rd Year Print students on the Fine Art BA course. Varied media is used from audio installations, projections, etchings and screen prints.

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Time-line exhibition 7th-11th March
March 3, 2011

Time-lines are usually constructed with the purpose of organising a historical theme, but what would happen if the subject of a time-line was left open to any kind of contribution on any subject – personal, social, political? Moreover, what would happen if the time-line was constituted by images and not words?

With these questions in mind, the artists/tutors (Ben White and Simon Faulkner) of the Time-line exhibition next week invite all students and staff in the Faculty of Art and Design to add images (colour or black and white) of A4 size or less to the time-line which runs throughout the walls of the Link Gallery space. The intention of this interactive exhibition is to see how images that reflect idiosyncratic and particular perspectives might combine to establish an inclusive, complex, contradictory, and fragmented historical whole.

The time-line covers the period between 1980 and an ‘unspecified time in the future’ (make of this what you will).

I’m really interested to see what comes of this exhibition and encourage everyone to participate.

Future Foundations 2: Form and Re-Form
February 14, 2011

Last year I and 6 other students on the Foundation course exhibited in the Link Gallery in an exhibition entitled ‘Future Foundations’ to showcase some of what the Foundation course at MMU had to offer. This year, as the curator, I wanted to continue this showcase of what I believe is a brilliant course which often produces work equal to the degree courses. I invited a group of students from Foundation to apply for a group show and this week ‘Future Foundations 2: Form and Re-Form’ is the result. The work on show is every bit as ambitious, varied and sophisticated as I’d hoped; it includes sculpture, screen print, photographic prints, smell cubes plus much more.

Here are some pictures to give a taster of the show:

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