May 15, 2012

This week the Link Gallery is hosting a display of kites, flown (or not), and videos taken at the annual MMU Art School kite flying trip to Glossop.

The trip is organised by Michael Howard, MMU Art History Lecturer – and celebrates the joy of flight, but also marks Ludwig Wittgenstein’s trips out to test meteorological kites. Wittgenstein  stayed at the Grouse Inn at Chunal.

The kites are in varying states – some battered and broken, some intact. The exhibition as a whole looks a bit like the trip – windblown, chaotic, part success, part disaster, and fun!

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One of the videos shown in the exhibition can be seen here: Chara Kite Collaboration

Another video of the day including the post-fly cabaret (Cabaret Voltaire reconstruction) can be found here: Let’s Go FLy A Kite

More images, information about Wittgenstein’s kites, and a video of the outing can be found on Roger Bygott’s Interactive Arts Blog.