May 15, 2012

This week the Link Gallery is hosting a display of kites, flown (or not), and videos taken at the annual MMU Art School kite flying trip to Glossop.

The trip is organised by Michael Howard, MMU Art History Lecturer – and celebrates the joy of flight, but also marks Ludwig Wittgenstein’s trips out to test meteorological kites. Wittgenstein  stayed at the Grouse Inn at Chunal.

The kites are in varying states – some battered and broken, some intact. The exhibition as a whole looks a bit like the trip – windblown, chaotic, part success, part disaster, and fun!

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One of the videos shown in the exhibition can be seen here: Chara Kite Collaboration

Another video of the day including the post-fly cabaret (Cabaret Voltaire reconstruction) can be found here: Let’s Go FLy A Kite

More images, information about Wittgenstein’s kites, and a video of the outing can be found on Roger Bygott’s Interactive Arts Blog.

Future Foundations 3
March 19, 2012

This is the third exhibition of self-selected group MMU Foundation Course work. The first Future Foundations show was in 2010 – co-initiated by and including work by Elisa Artesero, current curator/organiser of the Link Gallery.  Then last year Future Foundations 2 included work by Roger Bygott also current Link Gallery co-organiser/curator. So this show has a healthy lineage and good momentum. As with the previous Future Foundations shows there is a great sense of variety, exploration and experimentation across several media.

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3rd Year 3D Design
March 6, 2012

This week in the Link is a rich display of work from the 3rd year 3D design course. Cabinets and cases of intricate work, splashes of colour, wearables, glasswork and eclectic influence.

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Exhibition co-ordinator: Eva Rabin

Gallery co-ordinators: Elisa Artesero & Roger Bygott


Photography 2nd Year: Assessments
January 30, 2012

This weeks exhibit is the 2nd Year Photography assessment show:

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Threads: Party & Video Links
January 17, 2012

The closing party for the ‘Threads’ exhibition was relaxed, fairly well attended and enjoyable (though for some strange reason there was some wine left at the end).

A former MMU Foundation Course student Donna Wood took some panoramic shots of the evening:


A lot of people gave positive comments about the work and Elisa Artesero’s Light sculpture was popular. You can see a video of her installation here:

Also, here is a link to a video of Roger Bygott’s shoe and thread installation ‘She, Remains; He, Remains’:


Success: Interactive Arts Review Show
November 27, 2011

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Series 3
November 17, 2011

Some images from the Series 3 exhibit:

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Series 3
November 11, 2011


‘The Secret Life’ (7th – 11th Nov)
November 6, 2011

This weeks show is a rich mix of the surreal and the dreamy.

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OPENING NIGHT MONDAY 7th 4.30 – 6.30pm

Curator: Elisa Artesero

Assistant curator: Roger Bygott

Curator’s Statement

A ball hangs in the corner of a room in Magritte’s painting ‘The Secret Life’ (1928) recently shown at the Tate Liverpool exhibition. The spherical ‘thing’ appears to be in a state of being/existing in the space, whether we are there to view it or not. Although it was hung in a room full of people, I felt as if it was very much alone and I had intruded on its quiet existence, like coming across a ghost. This was the starting point and inspiration for this exhibition. The work on show is varied to say the least, but within each piece there are intriguing characters within dreamlike or surreal situations.

Starting with my own work ‘Phantom’, the sculpture is the conduit for the light phantom, giving the ephemeral being a place to exist and become whole as the light passes through the layers of fabric. Roger Bygott uses light trails in his film ‘The Photographer’; he came across the anonymous photographer while walking in North Wales and filmed the man absorbed in his own world, conjured up as if part of a dream. James Ackerley’s ‘A Brief Memento of an Intangible Dreamscape’ could almost have come from the place Roger filmed his photographer and is presented as a surreal souvenir.

The middle hexagon holds the eerie photos of Anna Heaton’s twins, blankly staring out of the picture. Matthew Barber’s photos, ‘Stranger Danger’ are based on the fear of walking home at night and how the mind plays tricks on you. The photos are similar and their repetition and placement is to make the viewer look twice at each to see the differences, to pick out where the man in the picture has moved to next. These photos frame Karol Kochanowski’s ‘Self Portrait with Elephant’, an absurd situation in a beautiful landscape to symbolize the burden of everyday life, and his ‘Breadcycle’ a piece exhibited two years ago as part of his Foundation course, which has changed with him over the years.

John Brindley’s ‘Echoes’ and Caroline Whitemore’s surreal paintings use doors and pathways as symbols in their work, which I have placed together as quite literally the doorways to the next section of the exhibition within the Foyer.

Amy Lawrence’s piece ‘Mushroom’ shows a woman pregnant with thought and imagination. Helen Wheeler’s etchings create an intangible dreamscape. Both artists invite the viewer to make their own interpretation of their work, however I feel that they are both reflective of the artists themselves, Amy’s imagination literally growing from the image, and Helen’s layered with depth of meaning.

The show reel of films from Liam Healy (‘Pray’), Fabian Beickhorasani (‘Signon’) and Exposure’s nominee Michael Scott (‘Alice in Space’ and ‘Tastes Better’) are set on two projectors to continue the ‘look again’ theme of doubles running through the exhibition and to wonder why the images are not quite the same.

Finally, there are two very different boxes which can be entered into, one is Roger Bygott’s ‘Shaman’, an ambiguous character who is difficult to decipher, keep an eye out for him as he may be in and available to give divinations, or his spirit could be left guarding his home. The other box is Robert Grundstrom’s ‘Cubicle No.2’ the dark part of the psyche which can be entered into at your own risk.

Many thanks to Roger Bygott and Paul Tutty for their help in setting up the exhibition, and to the participating artists whose work was a pleasure to curate.

Elisa Artesero


John Brindley Show: Closing Party
November 2, 2011