Future Foundations 3
March 19, 2012

This is the third exhibition of self-selected group MMU Foundation Course work. The first Future Foundations show was in 2010 Рco-initiated by and including work by Elisa Artesero, current curator/organiser of the Link Gallery.  Then last year Future Foundations 2 included work by Roger Bygott also current Link Gallery co-organiser/curator. So this show has a healthy lineage and good momentum. As with the previous Future Foundations shows there is a great sense of variety, exploration and experimentation across several media.

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3rd Year 3D Design
March 6, 2012

This week in the Link is a rich display of work from the 3rd year 3D design course. Cabinets and cases of intricate work, splashes of colour, wearables, glasswork and eclectic influence.

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Exhibition co-ordinator: Eva Rabin

Gallery co-ordinators: Elisa Artesero & Roger Bygott